Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Going Shampoo Free

I have decided to go one step further in my bid to reduce my chemical calories and am going shampoo free. I was advised to not wash my hair for 6 weeks in order for it to regulate the grease production. Alternatively, you can leave it a week and start washing it and I guess the adjustment period takes a bit longer.

One site I read advises to use a clarifying shampoo befire starting the process, which then means you don't need the greasy adjustment period!

So, after one week - I made a baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) paste with warm water, I rubbed it into the top of my scalp, working backwards and then the sides. After rinsing with water, I did an appled cider vinigar and water (1:4) rinse.

My DH thought my hair looked gorgeous! 4 days on notso good, so did it again and not looking so hot! Guess I am still in the adjustment period...