Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Detached from Nature

I was walking along thinking how detached I am from nature and the seasons. It is so easy to forget that the world has a rhythm and so do we as humans to. It is autumn and the leaves are dropping and it almost feels like I'm ready to slow down, getting ready to fatten up and hibernate in the coming cold weather.

Even food should follow seasons. Eggs naturally aren't available all year - strawberries, peppers, even apples aren't annually grown. So I have started again with an organic vegetable and fruit box. Now we can only ear what is in season and grown locally.

One thing is got sure, I won't miss returning all the unnecessary wrapping the supermarkets toxify my produce with for no apparent reason.. Yes, I do that.

Cutest baby moment of the day: My girls clapping hands at eachother and giggling!

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