Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Is the New World Order Killing Us All

Today I've been reading about the Iluminatu/cabal/guardians and their century's old plans to control and kill off the population. If you look at the World Banks plans - a lot of what they are planning is coming to fluition or has passed. Strangley it has been said that a staged alien invasion would bring all nations as one, and let the NWO take charge. The plans to do so were apparently in operation since the 1940s and that is why we've slowly been groomed to accept the existence of aliens, or so I read. But imagine my surprise when The New Scientist had a small piece on aliens, like their existence was accepted?

Apparently we're being drugged using chemtrails http://globalskywatch.com/
But what worries me is that I have a lot of the symptoms and recently have seen a lot of planes flying over.

I know you cannot believe everything you read - there are so many conspiracies. But what if TV, media, commercialism, what if it is all a ruse to control us, use us - and now we are no longer needed? I am just going to keep an open mind...

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  1. I have a friend who's really into all this. He doesn't have a TV, and won't read news on the BBC. He gets really into conspiracy theories. I find it a bit far fetched, but I'm choosing to be ignorant about it as it is quite scary stuff.