Monday, 1 August 2011

Book review: Conversations with God, Neale Walsh

I was recommended to read Conversations with God by a cousin. There are three parts and I managed to get the first two second hand. Since I was raised Roman Catholic and was actually told not to question  it felt like I was a naughty school girl, reading under covers at night with a torch! 

Neale Walsh believes that God spoke through him and wrote three books answering questions in a dialogue between them. While I cannot say I know this to be true without doubt, what I can say is that the book gave me an answer to all those questions that no-one had answered before.

To me it was a real eye opener. There are some areas that I question still, however everything made sense at least and my faith was cemented. I read reviews that ranged from sheer delight, a must read, to accusations of blasphemy, to a literature review of a theologist who questioned who Walsh was talking to.

Still, for me this was worth reading.

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