Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Chemical Maze

Food is glorious isn't it? It nourishes you, it comforts you, it sustains you, it can seduce you, it can also make you ill if you don't make the right food choices.

Many people buy a sandwich after scrutinizing its fat and calorific content. But is there something else more important we should be looking at? Have you ever wondered what all those numbers on the rear of the packet mean?

Could the chemical cocktail in your diet be making you ill?

Whilst food additives are mostly tested on animals, this doesn't mean that they are safe for us to eat.

There is a direct link between some additives and health problems such as allergies, behavioral problems, migranes, even sleep disturbance to name a few.

I am very interested in the additives in food. I used to walk around with a little red book titled Chemical Maze. It describes the potential health effects of food additives and ingredients used in food, cosmetics and personal care products.

Nothing is safe. My poor husband..

He wants a take away curry - no. It's got MSG in it, we'll be up all night! “Not if I team it up with a few beers love? Cold, chilled beers.....”

Beers... oh no no no I say.

Did you know that chemicals are added to speed up the brewing process to make that big head of foam!”

Husband hopes... “Well surely in moderation it’s fine. Refreshing, delicious beer.”

But, but it has Betaglucanase or Propylene glycol alginate in it?”

Okay, diet coke. I really fancy a can of diet coke...” He asks hopefully.

I have to tell him, did you know it’s carcinogenic and causes osteoporosis? I have to remind him to be a good role model, and I have got stricter and stricter as time has gone on – what is there left to eat?

I really struggle with the fact my son doesn't eat all the fruit and vegetables we eat. I have encouraged him to eat more and more healthily by basically child proofing the home of any unhealthy food.  I cringe whenever we go to a child’s party. He’s straight into the fluorescent, multi-coloured icing on the cake. In fact, he doesn’t eat the sponge part of the cake, just the icing. He therefore comes home and quite literally, bounces off the walls – that’s apparently, the tartrazine.

A variety of immunologic responses have been attributed to tartrazine ingestion, including:

  • anxiety,
  • migraines,
  • clinical depression, and
  • sleep disturbance

When I go shopping I try to buy organic fruit and vegetables, unprocessed local food.

Although it’s hard work to begin with, over time you do build up a picture of the things that you shouldn’t really ingest. You also find products which are much healthier for you.

So I’d suggest the next time you go shopping, that you look at those little numbers. Are those food additives really necessary....

Food for thought.


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