Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Dog Days are Over

What if today I realise I can be whoever I want to be? I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to let go of old thoughts and live in there here and now as a child, I want happiness and love, I want to be all forgiving and throw all that baggage out. Can it be? Can you change in the blink of an eye if you fully submit to and spend each moment striving for consciousness?

Affirmations work on the premise of implanting positive thoughts. If you say "I am peace" and affirm it, then theory suggests you'll gradually believe that thought and become peaceful.

I haven't found this so useful as an active thought enquiry such as The Work. I've recently found out about something called afformations. Affirmations are a way to tell you are different from the way you are. Afformations instead are questions, so if I want to be more peaceful I would ask "why am I so calm?" - my subconscious would then start finding reasons for why I am calm, and it is suggested I then are calmer because I know it to be true - I've found reasons and I guess believing something about your self makes it easier to grow as a quality.

So I'll ask myself now:

Why am I so loving?
Why am I so calm?
Why am I so empathetic?
Why am I assertive?
Why am I so relaxed and laid back?
Why do I always think before I speak?
Why do I look so gorgeous?
Why is my figure so perfect for me?
Why is my son such a joy?
Why am I so happy?
Why do I enjoy being with my children so much?
Why do I love my family unconditionally?
Why do I lust after my husband so much?
Why am I so rested?

I will read these afformations every day and report back. The results won't be conclusive as I also do an anger meditation and am doing a thought enquiry most days to take the stress out of my thoughts.

Saturday 23rd July:

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