Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Food Hangover

Two months ago I decided to completely child proof the house. While most people make their home physically safe, they don't consider making it emotionally safe. For us, we only have in our home items or food that we'd be happy for our children to eat or play with. Anything else is hidden away.

For my son it's been hard as I got rid of all processed food in the house, including bread, milk, cheese (that's all he pretty much ate so now he has to try other foods).

Most meals I eat 50-65 percent raw. But it's hard when you go out.

Yesterday being an occasion we went out for a meal. I had lots of cooked, spicy food and yes it was delicious!

Now I've woken up with a food hangover because my body isn't used to it. And was it worth it for a curry? Most definitely, yes!

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